My Family Survival Review – Will it Really Help You Keep Your Loved Ones Safe?

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There are a variety of emergencies that could happen to place you and your family at risk. A short time ago, people who looked into these emergencies were seen as doomsday fanatics and generally not taken seriously. In fact, entire programs were dedicated to “preppers”, who were made fun of and generally portrayed as fanatical idiots. However, it now seems that maybe we should have listened to them. The world is in turmoil, with increasing amounts of freaky weather, serious political upheaval and various economical unrests as well. The reality is that we have to be ready to face a disaster, because our lives will completely change from one day to the next. If you are not prepared, you will not make it. When you consider that a single thunderstorm could knock your electricity supply off for days, it becomes clear why you have to protect your family. This is what My Family Survival promises to prepare you for, but is it worth your investment, or could you figure all of this out with simple common sense?

The My Family Survival course is supposed to help you survive regardless of which threat you are facing. This could be an environmental disaster, an economic disaster or a medical disaster. It could be a full technological breakdown or hyperinflation. The world, let’s face it, is a scary place and it is only by having the right knowledge and by being fully prepared that you will be able to come back out on the other side on top.

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Emergency SurvivalWhat Is My Family Survival?

The course comes in a series, providing you will all the information you could possibly need to survive any kind of disaster. You will learn how to handle any sort of emergency, including how to prepare for a huge storm that leaves you without food or power for days; or how to prepare for a breakdown of society because of hyperinflation or other economic collapse; and how to prepare for a war of the disintegration of government. The course is easy to follow, with sections including videos and books that you can download. The following sets are included at present:
1. The Family Survival Course with bonuses itself. This includes an introduction to the course, a beginners’ guide to survival, advanced survival for the family, survival during the seasons, surviving a medical emergency, surviving disasters, how to stay level-headed in a crisis, how to create homemade food and understanding of natural remedies, and a 12 video lesson plan that teaches you how to get in the mindset of a survivalist, how to see a disaster coming, how to create your very own bug out kit and so on.
2. The course teaching you survival home defense
3. The course to teach you how to make your own energy
4. Surviving in urban areas, including a food crisis solutions book.

Family Emergency Survival KitsWhat We Liked

We love how thorough and complete this guide actually is. There is no other package on the market that includes this much information in a single set. No piece of information is missing and you will find all the information you need in order to survive any horrible disaster. It is about being prepared in case of an emergency. Even if the emergency never happens, it is better to be safe than sorry as the expression goes.
The video instruction guides are amazing. They are intensive and leave no stone unturned. The best part, for us, was how to create your own energy system, which is something you can get started with straight away. After all, it teaches you how to be green and how to be less dependent on the major energy suppliers. Considering an energy crisis, at present, is the most likely disaster to happen, this is a hugely important part of the course. Best of all, the system can be built by anybody with basic DIY knowledge and tools and products you are likely to have at home anyway. It is certainly a whole lot cheaper than purchasing your own, ready-made systems.
If you are unsure, you can try the system out as well, because it comes with a complete 60 day money back guarantee.

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Family Emergency Survival PlanWhat We Didn’t Like

The fact that it is so complete can be a bit of a downside as well. There are so many possible emergencies that you may find yourself getting frightened as you go through the course. It is such a huge library that you may feel slightly overwhelmed with what you are presented with. In fact, organizing everything in such a way that you can find what you are looking for at a glance will require quite an impressive filing system. However, we have to hand it to the creators of My Family Survival – they include everything, rather than leaving you with questions at the end of the program.
Naturally, the first package comes with a “What You Will Find” guide, but that only summarizes the information, rather than really teaching us anything. Hence, the only way you are going to learn from this program is if you actually read the entire thing.
The only other thing we found that was perhaps less than perfect was the fact that the guide to building your own solar panel was video only. We would have preferred a written explanation on the side, which we could print off and keep with us as we were building. However, since the videos can be played on any device, including your mobile, you do have the option of just having your mobile device next to you and just pressing pause and play as you go through the steps.


Family Survival GuideThe Verdict

We found that this is the best value for money package of its kind available on the market today. It is a complete guide with everything you need to know. True, it may seem a bit overwhelming, but then it is also true that nothing hasn’t been covered, meaning you can be prepared for any eventuality.

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